History of Mniší

The municipality was founded in the 13th century by the monks of the Velehrad cloister. The first written notices are documented from the years 1292 and 1302. Until 1848 it was part of the domain of Hukvaldy. In the following years it was alternatively part of the administrative districts of Nový Jičín, Místek and Frenštát.

In 1907 also our first president T. G. Masaryk dwelt here for a short period of time and as the candidate for the member of parliament of Vienna on his tour of political lectures held in the neighbouring towns spent one night in the house of the farmer Šimon Marák.

From 1891 the municipality ecclesiastically belonged to the parish of Příbor, then to the parish of Vlčovice. Since 1850 the children of Mniší attended the school at Vlčovice and it was not until 1885 their own one-classroom school was built.

The municipality can be proud of the big tradition of the Corps of volunteer firemen who for a long time take leading ranks in country wide competitions in both teams and individual categories.


Type: History
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