History of the Area of Moravian Kravare

When you drive from Olomouc, a former capital of Moravia, to the east along the road leading to Krakow in Poland, 45 km later you will arrive to flat land. Between the Jeseniky mountains in the North-West and Beskydy mountains in the South-East, there is a valley of the Odra river. This land is called "the Moravian Gate” and it creates a divide between the Black and Baltic seas. Here is the starting point of land that has been called by its people (mainly Germans in the past) Kravarsko (the Area of Kravare). The landscape has no strict boundaries and it teems with juicy meadows, fruitful fields and green hills. Thickets of willows, oaks and alder trees line the young Odra river and numerous lakes. The mountains in the horizon are really picturesque as they catch your attention and just let you guess how far they are. Ruins of castles, former guards of the area, cast their minds back into times of knights of the Middle Ages as well as the exodus during the thirty-year war. The Area of Kravare was a land with flourishing farming and extraordinary animal husbandry, from which it takes its name. At the world exhibition in Vienna in 1873 the breed of Kravare cattle was awarded for its high milk yield.


Type: History
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