History of Řeka village

The celebrated date of the village of Řeka's foundation is 1644. The village began life by breaking away from Smilovice and Guty. The new village was initially called Řeka Smilovská. Smilovice was first recorded as a farm in 1448, confiscated by the Těšín Chamber in 1592. Guty dates to 1305. Řeka like every mountain village originated with the joining of already existing dispersed mountain clearings and mountain farms. Even more small farmers settled in the newly created village during subsequent years. The Wallachian element played its part in the formation of farms at Řeka, or more specifically, in the building of the so-called salaše (Alpine dairy huts). The Wallachians slowly migrated to us during several centuries from Wallachia, today's Romania. In this way, for some centuries of a continuing migration, they gradually assimilated significant aspects of Ukrainian, Silesian, Polish and, finally, Czech language and culture - the greatest influences being Silesian and Moravian.
Urbanizing, housing
In total, there were 69 wooden cottages at Řeka in 1830. There were 71 houses in 1869, a total of 76 houses in 1880, 82 houses in 1890, only 81 houses in 1900, again 82 houses in 1910, only 81 houses in 1921, as many as 83 houses in 1930 and even 100 houses in 1950. In 1961 there were 108 houses at the village out of which 27 were family houses and 71 agriculture residential buildings. There were 60 stone buildings at Řeka in 1962 and 134 houses in 1970. 74 stone-built family houses were erected within a year after World War II. There were 8 two-storey houses, the number of wooden houses declined to 13. There were 140 houses including recreational cabins at the village in 1970. 14 of these buildings were built before 1870, 10 houses in 1870-1899 and after 1945, there were 83 houses built altogether.
There were 200 houses incl. recreational buildings in 1980.
, There were 116 permanently inhabited houses, 31 uninhabited houses and 365 recreational buildings in 1991.


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