Materials for costumes [ Folk handicrafts and products ]

Our company pursues sale of materials for costume making, costume production and accessories. We offer a wide selection of textiles and fancy goods.
You can accommodate in our recreation villa or in our guesthouse.

Ivana Blanářová
Brumovice 382
691 11
Shop: tel.: + 420 519 423 762
tel.: + 420 519 423 734
mobil:+420 608 341 552
fax:+420 519 423 935

Textile fabrics - materials for manufacturing of skirts, petticoat, chemise, aprons, sleeves, vests

Brocade, cotton, flex, canvas, damask, blue printing on linen, cashmere, satin, drapery, polyester textiles

Fancy goods - used for decoration of costumes
Lace, purls, bows, fringes, spangles, beads, studs (buttons)

Accessories - white, colored, regional
Color bows; embroider handkerchiefs, brooch, needles, garlands, nosegay, and hats

Others - available equipment for dressmakers and textile materials


Our company deals with production of costumes:

Costumes accessories - color bows, embroider handkerchiefs, brooch, needles etc.

Garlands, nosegay - white, colored, regional
Hats - different regional types, custom manufacturing, fancy or half - finished products

Others - production of tablecloths


Machine embroidery - shirts, skirts, sleeves, handkerchief etc.
Promotion embroidery - shirts, caps, flags, banners, etc.
Costume accessorizes - color bows; embroider handkerchiefs, brooch, needles etc.


We offer an accommodation in our guesthouse, which is located at one of the viticulture cycling route.

Capacity: 80 persons
Rooms: double room apartments, bathroom, toilet (2x5 persons, 2x2 persons and extra bed)
For your disposition, there is a common room with TV and kitchen on the floor: cooker, fridge, and electric kettle.
You can take the advantage of ordering breakfast.
Parking is reserved in front of the building.
Bicycle depository.

Price: 180Kč/ person, sales in case of long stay

Countess Villa

We offer you a visit of recreation cottage in the middle of woods, 4 km from village Nová Říše (region Vysočina, 100 km from Brno).
Arrival by car or by bus, parking in enclosed area.
Capacity: 30 persons, common bathrooms and toilets, convenient for groups of 10 - 30 persons
Common room with TV, equipped kitchen at you disposition - gas cooker, oven, fridge, dishes, and electric kettle.
Camp with shelter - possibility of barbecue
Playground - renting of sport equipment. Tennis court approximately 3 km. Bicycle trips (strengthened paths in woods): Telč, Dačice - lockable places for bicycle. Hiking, cross country skiing, picking mushrooms


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Ivana Blanářová
Brumovice 382
691 11 Brumovice
Czechia (CZ)
tel: (+420) 519 423 762
(+420) 608 341 552


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