Kozlovice municipality is situated in the Beskydy foothills on the way between the towns Frýdek-Místek and Frenštát pod Radhoštěm. It is a basin surrounded by hills and high peaks of the Beskydy mountains. The dominating feature is the massif of Ondřejníky mountains.
The northern side of Kozlovice is bordered by Králová hora (King's mountain) and Myslíkovské Hůrky (Myslík hills). Not very far from here there is the Hukvaldy castle which can be seen from almost each place of the locality. When you look to the north-west, you will see a wooded hill called Kazničov (600 m. above sea level) and behind the hill there is a location called Měrkovice , which is a part of Kozlovice municipality at present. The memorable Radhošť with Pustevny, Javorník and Stolová can be seen from here in the direction to the south and south-west.



49.59165N, 18.25645E

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