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Liberec, a city whose history starts as early as in the first half of the century, is a modern and progressive city nowadays with its Technical University, many high schools, high-quality cultural and sport facilities and mainly extraordinally good natural sorroundings which enables the city and region to become a tourist centre capable to offer the visitors a wide range of sport, cultural and relaxing activities. Only a few places in the city do not allow to see the most characteristic sign - the mountain ridge Jested linked to the city through the municipal transport and folowing funicular railway. This railway, the second oldest construction of this kind in the Czech Republic, overrides, in the length of 1,180 metres, the differrence of 400 metres of height. Its entrance station is found in the city district of Horni Hanychov. There is a unique view of the country from the top of Jested. All year long Jested offers a lot of possibilities for relaxation and sport - ski slopes, ski jumping areas and other sport facilities. There is an architectonical jewel on the top of Jested. It is Hotel Jested with a restaurant, transmitter and the top of the funicular railway. We can find here also beautiful landscape exceptionally clean. Almost whole mountain ridge of Jested forms a unique natural park which consist of four preserved natural areas. Liberec with Jested are known as a centre of winter sports but offer much more than only sport to their visitors. The lovers of history, art, theatre or modern art can find their own here.

The building of the Museum of Norht Bohemia with its copy of renaissance tower of old town house dominates Liberec. The building itself is an example of historism and pseudo-renaissance style architecture. Its collections represent nearly all crafts, mainly glass and textile producing branches. Venetian glass, baroque-style cups, jewels, period clocks and furniture and large collection of natural riches can be admired there. Another exhibition of glass is found in the Liberec chateau. This exhibition belongs to the largest in the world. The chateau, founded by the House of Redern in 1582 is opened to the public whole year long from Monday to Sunday. Regional Gallery belong to five largest galleries in the country, mainly thank to its collections. Three permanent exhibitions demonstrate its importance - the 17th cent. Netherland art, 19th cent. French landscape painting and a collection of Czech art of the 20th century. A most beautiful building in the city is a pseudo-renaissance town hall built in 1893 after a project by F. Neumann from Vienna. Central tower 65m high, decorative facade and an impressive gate with bars form a beatiful whole. Inner rooms are interesting as well, opened to the public from Monday to Saturday. Painted ceilings, period furniture and other craftworks are admirable inside. The Town Hall tower is opened to the public on Saturdays. Next to the Town Hall we can find a pseudo-renaissance Theatre of F.X. Salda decorated by vienner sculpturer Volkel. Interieur was decorated bz vienner painteer Loffler. In this theatre you can visit dramas, operas and ballet. Other two theatres are Male Divadlo in former House of the People and world-known Naiv Theatre with its puppets.

The Zoo of Liberec houses over 170 in the world nearly extinct species, which is considerable all over Europe.In the Garden of Botanics you can see a large collection of carnivorous plants and orchids, tropical water-lilies and ferns. Liberec is a city worth visiting. An attentive visitor can find here all that belong to modern tourism.

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