Pitín [ Village or Town/City ]

The Village of Pitín is located at the upper reach of the Olshava river. It is well-known for its significant historical monuments, such as St.Steven Church from 1851 and The Virgin Mary statue from 1774. Some of the holy roods erected within the territory of the village are of great historical value, which holds also for the former corn mill and the native home of Dr Josef Karel Matocha, the Archbishop of Olomouc. One of the characteristic features of the village is the railway track, running around the Pitín territory. The main cycle route of Bojkovice from Uherský Brod (no. 5049) converges with the Beskydy-Carpathian cycle route (no.46). It is this cycle route that represents a safe access road to the central mountain range of the White Carpathians and to the Moravian croftland territory. Detailed information about the village of Pitín and the Bojkovice microregion is available in the Bojkovice Microregion Information Centre and in the tourist information centre in Pitín, which is open from May to the end of September.

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