Skalka u Doks [ Village or Town/City ]

Skalka, once Kalek, as a part of dominion of Bezděz exists from 13 century. The King Charles IV mentions the settlement in his scroll addressed to Ješek Kluk.The Berkas appear here in 1402. After Elizabeth of klinstein died in 1417 the area was controlled by a king.

In 1423 the Emperor Sigismund gives Skalka knight Jan Kobylka of Kolovrat as a thanksgiving for his help against the Husites, but a part still belong to Bezděz. Next owner’s name is Mikuláš Kalecký of Kalk, then his son Jan in 1537, followed by Damian of Pejclsdorf in 1580 and in 1596 it becomes Barbora of Vartenberk property. She connects Skalka to Bezděz, then to Doksy.

In 1848 people here voted in local authority elections 10 representatives with a mayor and two members of municipality council. A road was being built - in direction of Doksy through Skalka and Zbyny. Martin Dittrich from Doksy projected the road. In 1910 an old chapel is extended and a new fire station developed. In 1930 the built a main water supply here, which was continuously changed and extended. They establish a fire brigade, a union of Czech farmers and non-professional theatre group. A school building was established in 1876. In 1946 they play theatre at school - under the direction of a headmaster they play "Bárta´s revenge." At that time here works a public system, a library, travelling cinema and building of local national committee N°44 is being reconstructed into a culture centre. But this reconstruction lasts to 1960, when the village joins district of Česká Lípa. There is a bus connection with Doksy and local magazine "Naše Skalka” is being published.

The highest number of residents - 326 - Skalka has in 1843 year. Later the number falls and even the culture life weakens. On April 12 1976 is village administratively connected with Doksy. It gets independence again in 1991.

There is a pub "U Fanouše” (Frankie’s) and a car repair. Up to now it remains a farming orientated village.

Plní funkci základního stupně územní samosprávy a v různé míře je také vykonavatelem státní správy.





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