Stará pošta (The Old Post-office building) [ Town house or building ]

The old post-office building is one of the most beautiful buildings in the square. The Neo-renaissance building dated from 1563 is characteristic for its two arcades. It was visited by the russian tsar Alexander and the well-known general Suvorov. On the ground floor there is an Arcade, in another part you can see a show room and cultural hall of the town cultural centre.

Two-storeyed renaissance house situated in a terraced build-up area of the north-eastern part of the square. The object with two-storeyed arcade loggie on the first and second floor represents the unique example of the advanced renaissance architecture in an urban environment of the Czech lands. The loggie are completed by sandstone balustrade, balusters have a typical renaissance profile. The facade is edged with a narrow attic with moulded crown moulding. Both of the loggie are vaulted by three cross vaults. The arcade is vaulted by semicular vault with triangle segments. There are two lintels of the complex renaissance profile at the main entrance to the building.

On the ground floor you can see fully semicular vaults with comb segments, and barrel vaults. The original solid newel stairs were replaced around 1970 by two-armed stairs with forged banisters. In the middle of the first floor lay-out you will find mainly semicular vaults with segments, a former black kitchen with well-kept cross vault. The second floor has now a plain ceiling. The building has got a cellar underneath.

The burgomaster Ondřej Řepa had this building built up around 1563. Basically, the construction has been preserved in an intact condition.

The reconstruction from the end of 1970 retrieved the object and established office accommodation in the attic.


Stará pošta
Masarykovo náměstí 20
741 01 Nový Jičín
Czechia (CZ)
tel: (+420) 556 701 853
(+420) 608 764 878
fax: (+420) 556 706 692




49.594433333N, 18.00915E

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