Outdoor Swimming Pool, Kelč [ Bathing in nature ]

You can find this outdoor swimming pool (a pond) at the southern end of the village of Kelč, 10 km south of the town of Valašské Meziříčí
Description: three in-line arranged ponds; grassy dam surroundings; trees; entering the pond is possible from the dam, where the pond bottom is paved with concrete panels, elsewhere, the pond bottom is covered with gravel at the watersides and formed by mud further; little parking area at a distance of 50 m from the pond. Water area dimensions: 150 x 400 m.

In unfavourable conditions, the water may be muddy so that a visibility through the water may be only up to a distance of 50 cm. In sultry summer days, overgrowing the pond surface with the Cyanophyta algae may occur at the pond watersides.

The ponds (there are three ponds arranged in line there, however, only the first of them si suitable for swimming) at Kelč are hidden behind the dam and are not visible from the road, although it is situated at a distance of 100 m only. You can lie down on the grassy dam area (of dimension of about 30 x 100 m), from where you can enter the water on concrete panel paving (of an overall width of about 100 m, slippery and overgrowed with algae). In addition, you can lie on the left side of the pond, where a cart track passes along and low trees are situated. The right side is not much suitable for lying. There, a cart track passes along as well, however, trees are too high and there is a plenty of shrubs.

Owing to the gentle slope of the shore, the swimming pool is also suitable for children. Due to the large water area, the pond visit can particularly be enjoyed by those who are interested in quiet and undisturbed swimming.

Other possibilities: fishing


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