Tichá lies 3 km north from Frenštát p./R. in one of the picturesque valleys through which the brook Tichávka meanders. It springs at Kunčice p./O. 470 m above sea level and together with the road creates the major axis of the seven kilometers long municipality.
Tichá is located in the area of the natural park "Přírodní park Pobeskydí" and tourists often visit its protected natural phenomenon - the travertine cascade.

Tichá entered the history for the first time in 1359, and this twice - as Tichá and Nová Tichá, the latter being the today´s lower end of the municipality.
In the middle of the 19th century both villages merged. From the viewpoint of the number of houses and inhabitants it was always one of the largest villages of the then domain of Hukvaldy that belonged to the bishopric of Olomouc and today it ranks among the municipalities with the highest population.
Contrary to some villages in nearer or more remote surroundings Tichá had always maintained its independency. The highest point is the hilltop of Tichavská Hůrka (544 m).
In the past the inhabitants found their livelihood predominately in agriculture and from the end of the 19th century also in the local Parma´s factory and in factories in the neighbouring areas. A part of the population left for Texas in America in the second half of the 19th century and the number of inhabitants decreased also after WW II as a consequence of settling in the frontier areas. Until 1964 the pride of the village was the wooden St. Nicolas church which was referred to for the first time in 1510.


Obec Tichá
Tichá 1
742 74 Tichá
Czechia (CZ)
tel: (+420) 556 858 128



49.570183333N, 18.22355E

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ALTITUDE: 470.00 m


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