Iodine-bromide water - sanatoria Klimkovice [ Mineral water springs ]

It is a unique natural iodine mineral water of tertiary origin containing on average 40 mg of iodine/l.
The boreholes are located in the area of Polanka-nad-Odrou, where the water is pumped from a depth of up to 500 m and is piped 11 km to the spa.

It has multilateral curative and beneficial effects for the human organism.
Combined with targeted rehabilitative care makes the basis of the treatment at the Sanatoria Klimkovice.

It is applied as a bath followed by a pack and rest. The water temperature varies from 35 to 37 °C according to doctor's recommendation.

The effects of natural iodine:

It has significant anti-inflammatory and local healing effects
It has bio-stimulating effects - it supports tissue nutrition
It effectively improves the functioning of the vascular system
It naturally disinfects
It sublimates (releases into the air) and thus acts beneficially on the bronchial tract. The spa environment is comparable to that of seaside areas.
The chemical definition of iodine-bromide salt brine.
The strongly mineralized natural chloride-sodium water with increased contend of barium and strontium ion, cold, hypertronic.

The chemical texture of iodine-bromide water:

Ion content: mg/l
J - Iodine 37,02
Br - Bromide 131,46
Ba ++ Barium 27,6
Sr ++ Strontium 32,5
Cl - Chlorine 26519,85
Na + Sodium 13090
Mg ++ Magnesium 868,3
Ca ++ Calcium 859,7


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