TOMÁŠEK František, kardinál [ Notable personality ČR ]


30. 6. 1899 Studénka - 4. 8. 1992 Praha

Smiling, quiet, dignified man, full of inner fire who believed in his own truth. He was undefeated, humbly defended human rights and freedom, and resisted totalitarian power. He was a priest and later as sanctifying bishop of Olomouc was imprisoned for four years in the 1950’s. In 1977 he became a cardinal and one year later Archbishop of Prague. The modest Moravian priest, extremely educated, wise, and brave with deep social thinking left for Rome to attend the sanctification of blessed Agnes of Bohemia in 1989 only to be involved in the November Revolution afterwards. A commemorative plaque in Studénka reminds of the day when one of the greatest personalities of modern religious history in our country was born.


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