Plzensko [ Tourist Region ]

08 PLZEŇSKO Turistický region Plzeňsko
The Region of Plzensko is spread over a downy wood-landscape laced with stripes of rivers and ponds. It boasts an almost virgin nature, picturesque villages and a number of majestic castles and chateaux. The town of Plzen, which is the centre of the region, is also an economic, cultural and social metropolis of west Bohemia.

The town is famous for its beer with the Pilsner Urquell (Plzensky Prazdroj) trademark all over the world. The historical town centre has been proclaimed a protected area due to a number of preserved sights. Plzen, which was founded in 1295 by King Vaclav II., is located at the junction of four rivers. St. Bartolomej´s Gothic Cathedral with a church tower, which is the highest one in the Czech Republic (102, 6 m), dominates the town. A large area of the Plzensko Region is covered with forests, the most famous of which are the Brdske Forests in the east. The Krivoklatsko protected landscape area and UNESCO biosphere reserve extends to the region, which is also rich in water areas (the Hracholuska Dam Lake, a dam at the Mze River, a set of the Bolevecke Ponds in the outskirts of Plzen and a number of ponds in the south area of Plzensko). The area is suitable for sporting as well as for touring holidays. It provides ideal conditions especially for hiking, cycling and water sports. Also fishing and hunting, along with rural tourism (agro-tourism, horse riding /hippo-tourism and hippo-therapy/ and eco-tourism) rank among the sought-after activities here. Due to a sufficient range of attractions, a harmonious scenery and a suitable landscape relief, this region is available for either domestic or foreign visitors.



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