Natural attractions of Odry region - flora

'Odry region spreads out in cadastral territory of the town Odry and villages Luboměř, Spálov, Heřmánky, Heřmanice u Oder, Jakubčovice nad Odrou, Vražné u Oder, Mankovice, Jeseník nad Odrou and Suchdol nad Odrou. From geomorphological point of view it belongs to complex Lower Jeseník (Nízký Jeseník), made up by undercomplex Vítkov's highlands and wards Potštát's highlands, Heřmanice's highlands, Tošovice's highlands and Odry's fold (northwestern part of Odry region and to complex Moravian gate made up by undercomplex Odry's gate and wards Bělotín's upland, Klimkovice's upland, Bartošovice's upland and Odry's wold.
Odry region is rich in mushrooms. Especially among mushroom-pickers from Ostrava a railway station Klokočov with its surrounding forests is very popular. You can meet edible mushrooms in Odry region all the year round.
From mushrooms the most abundant are bay boletus in pine-woods and red-cracked boletus which prefers mixed forests. From the other you can pick penny-bun boletus (incident in recent years in plenty), boletus aestivalis, porphyrellus pseudoscabes, boletinus cavipes and other. Under larchs you find larch boletus and edges of forests and balks where aspens and birchs grow, are standpoint of shaggy boletus and orange-cap boletus. Frequent are various species of rossulas and lactarids. After longer time it is again possible to find chantarelle (sometimes wrong named as flavescens). In later summer you can in Odry region commonly find two species of parasol mushrooms - parasol mushroom and shaggy parasol. Everywhere grows unjustly neglected edible blusher. From field agarics (champignons) there occur in pastures horse mushroom and in forests not very tasty forest mushroom. In meadows you can pick up fairy ring champignon or shaggy ink cap. Commonly it is possible to pick up various species of puff-balls.
Odry's nature can trot out with quite a number of medicinal plants. In winter it is possible to pick up mistletoe that colonized above all lindens and maples in the surroundings of the river Odra.
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