Český Těšín

The town of Český Těšín in compliance with § 1 of Law No.128/2000 of the Code of Laws about villages (Municipal System) is a basic self-governing community of citizens. It forms a territorial unit delimited by the village area border. According to the § 2 of the quoted Law the town of Český Těšín is a public corporation, it has its own property, it acts in its own name in legal relations and it bears all the responsibility consequent upon those relations. The town cares for versatile development of its area and for needs of its citizens. On fulfilment its tasks it also protects the public interest expressed in laws and other legal regulations.

The Town of Český Těšín originated towards the end of the 10th century, the first written mention comes up in 1155. About in 1290 Těšín become capital of the Těšín Principality where the Piasts ruled up to the half of the 17th century. Then the Hapsburgs took the rule. In 1920 the division of town in two parts took place - in this way Český Těšín with industrial suburbs and railway station originated on the left bank of the Olše river and Cieszyn with the historical centre on the right bank.



49.743333333N, 18.614722222E

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