Šanov [ Village or Town/City ]

The Village of Šanov (cca 520 inhabitants, area of 907 hectares)
is situated at the Moravian-Slovak frontier region. It lies close to the main ridge of the White Carpathian mountains. The area in the midst of the mountain range and the neighbouring Slovak villages abounds in gardens, meadows, pasture land and woods, without any signs of civilization in the surrounding nature. In the World War II, the airbattle over the White Carpathians took place close to the village of Šanov; this is why a museum commemorating the airbattle was built in the village in 2004. As for the historical monuments of the village, there are two main constructions preserved in Sanov: a stone rood from the first of 19.century and a timbered barn as an exhibition of folk architecture. A dominant point of the village is represented by a chapel sacrificed to St.Zdislava, which was erected in 1993. There is also a ski lift near the village with a close chalet, where tourists may find accommodation during their stay in the mountains.

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49.044438889N, 17.89745E

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