Meditative Love

A visitor asks, "Is there any biological chance of an unconditioned, free and loving relationship between child and parent?" The answer opens the door to understanding meditative conception and conscious parenting.
Absolutely no. Biology is blind; hence there is no biological chance. But you can get over biology. You are conscious, intelligent human beings, so there is a possibility; but the possibility will be through meditation, not through biology.
If the parents are meditative, if the child is born not only through biological sexual intercourse, but also through a deep meditative love....
Meditative love means melting into each other's beings, not just the bodies. It means putting your egos away, your religions away, your ideologies away - becoming simple and innocent. If the child is conceived in that unconditioned state of the parents, the child will not be conditioned at all.
Biology gives you orgasm; that is the most precious gift from blind biology. You can use those moments of freedom, melting, disappearing, for meditation. There is no better space from which to jump into meditation than orgasm: two lovers feeling one soul in two bodies. Everything has stopped for the moment; even time has stopped. There are no thoughts; the mind has stopped. You are in your simple isness. Those are the little spaces where you can get beyond biology.
All that you have to know is that this is what meditation is: timelessness, egolessness, silence, blissfulness, an all-pervading joy, overwhelming ecstasy. This has happened through biology between two persons. Once you know that, it can happen in your aloneness too; you just have to fulfill those conditions. My own understanding is that man came to know about meditation through sexual orgasm, because in life there is no other moment which comes so close to meditativeness.
All religions are against sex. They have conditioned your mind against sex so much that under biological pressure you go into it. But in that pressure you cannot experience orgasmic freedom - the infinity that suddenly becomes available to you, the eternity in the moment, the abysmal depth of the experience.
Because man has been deprived of orgasmic blissfulness, he has become incapable of knowing what meditation is. And that's what all the religions want: that you never become meditative. Talk about it, read about it, do research on it, listen to lectures on it.... All that will create more frustration in you, because you understand everything about meditation intellectually, but you don't have any existential base - not even a drop of the experience which can prove that if the drop is there, the ocean must also be somewhere. The drop is the existential proof of the ocean.
Biology is far more compassionate than your churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques. Biology is your nature. It has nothing but compassion for you. It has given you everything possible that is needed to go higher, to reach to a super-natural state.
Make love only when you are ready to be in a meditative space. And create a meditative atmosphere while you are making love. You should treat the place as sacred. What can be more sacred than creating life? Do it as beautifully, as aesthetically, as joyously as possible. There should be no hurry. And if two lovers meet in such an atmosphere outside, and such a silent space within, they will attract the highest available soul.
You give birth to a child according to your state of love. You will attract only that kind of person which your sexual activity makes possible. If the world is full of idiots and mediocre people, parents are responsible; their children are accidental. There cannot be a bigger crime than to create a life accidentally. Prepare for it.
The most essential thing is to understand the orgasmic moment: thoughtless, timeless, mindless, just a pure awareness. In that pure awareness you can attract a Gautam Buddha. The way you are making love, you attract only mediocre people. And only mediocre people can be conditioned.
A couple capable of meditativeness while making love is no ordinary couple. They will be respectful to the child. The child is a guest from the unknown; you have to be respectful to the guest. Parents who are not respectful to their children are bound to destroy their lives. Your respect, your love, your gratitude that, "You have chosen us as your parents," will be responded to with deeper respect, more gratitude, more love.
When you love a person, you cannot condition him. When you love a person you give him freedom, you give him protection. When you love a person you would not like him to be just a carbon copy of yourself; you would like him to be a unique individual. And to make him unique you will arrange all the conditions, all the challenges which provoke his potential.
You will help the child to experience more and more things. You will not tell him lies, that there is a god. Your parents lied to you, and you are repeating it to your child. Your parents conditioned you, and what is your life? - a long misery from the cradle to the grave. Do you also want your child's life to be just a misery, full of suffering, anxiety, despair?
But everybody is living in despair. God or no god, despair is a reality: it is self-destruction. If you love your child, you will make him rejoice, laugh, enjoy, dance. But just the opposite is being done.

Excerpted from From Death to Deathlessness, Osho

Meditative love means melting into each other's beings, not just the bodies. It means putting your egos away, your religions away, your ideologies away - becoming simple and innocent.
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