The Multidimensional Meaning of Love

These excerpts from Osho books are replies to the question: What is Love?
Ask the knowledgeable person What is love? and he will say, "Nothing but chemistry, the attraction between male and female hormones. It is no more important than a magnet attracting iron pieces; it is the same - like negative and positive electricity. Man and woman are bio-electricity."
Then everything is destroyed. Then all love and all poetry and all music are reduced to nonsense. The lotus is reduced to the mud. The lotus certainly grows out of the mud, but the lotus is not the mud.
What is love? It is the greatest suicide in the world! Love is the suicide of the ego. That's why people are so much afraid of love. They talk about it; they pretend also. They manage to befool others and themselves too that they love. But they avoid love - because love requires that first you die; only then are you resurrected.
Love is the whole Torah; the rest is commentary. And what is love? - do not do unto others that which you would not like to be done to you. This is the criterion of love: do unto others that which you would like to be done to you. Whatsoever you ask for yourself, allow that to others too. Whatsoever you don't want to happen to you, don't do it to others.
A great priest was asked, What is love?
The priest said, "A word made up of two vowels, two consonants and two fools!"
That is their condemnation of love. Because all the religions have condemned love.
What is love? In a very tiny way you come to feel that you are not separate. Lovers penetrate into each other. It is not only a sexual metaphor: the penetration is spiritual. The sexual is only a shadow of it.
What is love? Love is a by-product...when the spring comes and you suddenly start flowering, blossoming, and you release your potential fragrance. Sharing that fragrance, sharing that grace, sharing that beatitude is love.
If somebody asks, What is love? be loving. Hug him, hold his hand; let your love flow towards him. That is the only way to say what love is. This is the only way to define the indefinable.
What is love? Love is luxury. It comes out of aloneness, when you are tremendously alone and happy and joyous and celebrating, and great energy goes on storing in you. You don't need anybody. In that moment the energy is so much, you would like it to be shared. Then you give, you give because you have so much; you give without asking anything in return - that is love.
What is love? Love is the food of the soul. But you have been starved. Your soul has not received love at all so you don't know the taste. Your question is relevant, but it is unfortunate.
Love means only this experience: that the other is not the other. What else is love? Love is an experience in which you feel that the other is no longer the other; the other is me, the other is my being. Maybe on the bodily plane, on the mental plane you remain separate; but further down the centers start overlapping, merging, losing definition. That's what love is.
What is love in fact? What happens? With love you function as a heart; you don't function as a mind. You don't function as reason; you function as feeling. You don't think, you feel. This is the first thing to be understood about love: that you become a feeling phenomenon not a thinking entity. Your center of being falls from the head to the heart. You become headless. You don't identify with the head; you become identified with the heart. You start feeling.
What is love? It depends. There are as many loves as there are people. Love is a hierarchy, from the lowest rung to the highest, from sex to superconsciousness. There are many layers, many planes of love. It all depends on you. If you are existing on the lowest rung, you will have a totally different idea of love than the person who is existing on the highest rung.
You ask, what is love? It is the deep urge to be one with the whole, the deep urge to dissolve I and thou into one unity. We are separated from our own source. Out of that separation the desire arises to fall back into the whole, to become one with it.
Never ask What is love? Start loving!
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