Ma Prem Sugandho (Charlotte Luzius): 5.-8. July 2007 With the Eyes of Innocence -A guided journey to our childhood memories ============================== 25.- 28.September 2007 Alchemy of the 3rd Chakra:Transforming Power -power strategies versus true strength and freedom ======================================== (beginins 1 p.m. on till app. 4-5.p.m. last day )

Alchemy of the 3rd Chakra: Transforming Power

Power strategies versus true strength and freedom

This group is an intensive exploration into the strategies of the ego’s drive for "power" - the desire to dominate or the fear of being in one’s power; competing in the hierarchy of social status or blaming and judging others playing "power games”.

What is a "power game”?

Lies, betrayals, manipulations, etc. all these are strategies, power games. Meaning, we are using lies or manipulation strategies to reach our goal, rather than being straight forward with our truth and saying what we really want or don’t want.

Why are we using "power games”?

Deep down we are afraid and shaky. We are afraid of maybe not deserving what we want. We are afraid and we don’t want others to know about it. Rather than being an individual, having our own opinion, we adjust to the opinion of others. That way we avoid any conflict or the possibility of not being loved or liked.

We may even use our weaknesses to make others help us. We may act so helpless, that the other has almost no choice. He has to help us. How can you not help a person who is helpless? In fact, the one who is acting helpless is violating others. He is forcing others to help him.

In this workshop we consciously enter the world of "power-games". We will live them out and expose our lies, betrayals, manipulations, etc. In the light of our awareness the process of "Inner Alchemy” leads into a deep acceptance of the ‚dark sides‘ of us. At this point transformation happens naturally. We will see that strategies are not true strength and that they are not needed to survive.

This is a group for experienced meditators who are willing to confront themselves with the collective ideas of use and misuse of power on all levels: work, relationship, friendship, parent and child relationship, spirituality etc.

With the Eyes of Innocence

- A guided journey to our childhood memories -

Childhood is far away and sometimes hardly remembered. Why bother? There are so many things in the here and now to be taken care of.

What many of us are not aware of is, the impact of our past and especially the childhood past on our present lives. During these innocent years of childhood, when a child is so vulnerable and open, we are learning and absorbing the basic patterns of our:

- survival strategies: Is life a safe place that I can rely upon or is it a struggle?
- social relatings and boundaries: I need to give in order to be loved or I cannot trust anybody and better do things on my own ...
- rights of being individuals: The ability to say yes or no and having my own opinion rather than compromising myself.
- ability to express and receive love: I am lovable or I am not worthy to be loved.
- belief system: parental voices and moral values that society is giving to a child in direct or mostly indirect ways (media, social environment, etc.)

This 4 days workshop will guide us back to these innocent years of childhood and will allow us to see through the eyes of our inner child into the past. The past we will encounter can be very different from the past that we know as adults. There will be questions like: Why can I not remember my childhood or parts of it? What made me forget? What do I not want to be reminded of?

In a safe surrounding with a variety of techniques we will meet these questions and allow the answers to reveal themselves.
Ma Prem Sugando
Age: 45
Nationality: German
1978-1988 Academic Studies:

Education, Psychology and Sociology in the University of Marburg and Duisburg (Germany) with the degree of Diploma of Education.

Thesis: The Influence of Technological Development on Human Consciousness.

1980-1985 Additional studies:

Alternative methods at the Osho Multiversity, Pune (India): Meditation (Training), Neo-Reichian Breath-work (Training), Bioenergetics, Esoteric Sciences (Training), Reiki (Master Degree)


1988 - 1992 Leading Seminars at the University of Duisburg / Faculty of Education on the following subjects:

* Man and Technology,
* The Influence of Mass-Information Technology on Human Consciousness
* The Development of Gestalt Education
* Theories of Communication

1995 - present Leading Workshops in Germany, Denmark, Greece, Russia, Israel and India on the following topics:

* From Fear to Love
* Melting in Love and Aloneness - Two Dimensions of Relating
* Childhood conditionings
* Transforming Power
* From the Head to the Heart
* Dropping Beliefs
* Women`s topics: Wise Women I - Exploring the female qualities
* Wise Women II - Exploring the male qualities
* Anger contra violence
* Freedom and boundaries: How much freedom can we live? How much boundaries do we need?
venue: meditation house , Skalka u Doks 22, info on

accomodation: in double room or own sleeping bag in meditation hall

food:3 x daily vegetarian food, incl.drinks all day

price : 160,-Euro ( 4.-8. July)
190,-Euro (25.-30.September)
-in price are course fee, accomodation in double room or own sleeping bag in meditation hall ,3 x daily vegetarian food

- transport from aiport or train station on reqeust possible

We are happy to see you

Sugando and Unmani
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